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Winston Atkinston - Jamaica Chapter

The excitement continued today after yesterday’s thrilling football game between STGC Girls and St. Hugh’s High School.
St. George Day 2017 will be remembered as one of the best in recent times. All the students spoken to agreed that the day was quite enjoyable.
Much planning went into putting on this very successful event. Staff teacher, Mrs. Deana Kaye  and her team put in a tremendous amount of work. STGC Old Boys Association and its arm, the STGC Sports Council headed by new Chairman Mr. Glenroy Brown was also instrumental in helping in some key areas.
The day began with a Thanksgiving Service at the Holy Trinity Cathedral. We celebrate 167 years of existence and continue to contribute to the national development of Jamaica. We continue to be successful in both academics and sports in 2016-17 school year. We had a pass rate (5 CSEC subjects or more) of 88.1% in the May 2016 CSEC exams. We were champions in U 19 Rugby, Lacrosse, present Champion in U 16 cricket, U 19 2017 Cricket Finalist and were a semifinalist in U 16 Basketball Championship.

After the service, the student body marched onto South Camp Road and then North Street. They were led by the STGC new mascot, a Georgian clad knight riding a horse followed by our cheerleading Georgettes. The STGC Sports Council was instrumental in getting the mascot’s outfit.
On campus, there was a flag raising ceremony. The new Headboy, Kyle Bedassie was introduced to the body by Acting Principal Mr. Dave Soares. Sports Council Chairman Mr. Glenroy Brown honored Old Boy Nick Zadie, former star footballer on the Triple Crown 1984 team for his contribution to STGC sports.
Students had the opportunity to view and participate in the various activities. There were robotics, photography and educational exhibits. The paintball shooting, go cart driving and drone flying was exceptionally popular with the students. Again, the STGC Sports Council was instrumental in getting the drone and paintball on the day. There was also a video game lounge, board game station and of course many scrimmage football games.
The day ended with a social in the Abe Issa Auditorium.

STGC Old girls ?

                            Old girls 

Editorial - by Laddie Kong

O.K Old Boys! What do you call girls who attended St.Georges College and want to become members of the St. Georges College Old Boys Association?

St. Georges College has been accepting girls into 6th forms for quite a few years now. I am sure they are quite exceptional otherwise they would not be accepted by the school to take A levels. Does this open the possibility that they could also become Head Girls? 

Our criticisms of certain countries not allowing women to be in public without a man (relative) and not being allowed to drive make us hypocrites if we adhere to the thinking that our Associations should maintain the name Old Boys Association.

I am sure you have all heard our fellow members say that one qualifies to be an Old Boy even if that person did not graduate, so why aren't the girls Alumni as the only qualification seems to be attendance.

It is time for us to wake up and give the ladies equality.  





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